Custom Cakes (Our speciality!) - CAT Cake (Caterpillar Brand)

CAT Cake (Caterpillar Brand)

A construction cake for the little worker in your life. - Little Firetruck

Little Firetruck

For the firefighter enthusiast in your life... - Minecraft Cakes - Minecraft Cakes - Minecraft Cakes

Minecraft Cakes

TnT Bomb Cake
Creeper Cake - Ladybug Cake

Ladybug Cake

A gigantic ladybug on top of a cake
Cuteness multiplied - Lego Cake - Lego Cake - Lego Cake

Lego Cake

Name in Lego Font
Complete with fondant Minifigs!
Any colors available, but primary looks the best, we think. - Train Cake

Train Cake

Train tracks follow the shape of the cake
Age 3 shown, can be any age. - Mob Cake

Mob Cake

Fedora & pin stripes with tie. - Off-Road Vehicle

Off-Road Vehicle

Choose your color
Choose your style - Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Cake

Used to reveal either a boy or a girl... cutting into the cake reveals the sex by color!
Blue=Boy, Pink=Girl
But, any color is available.
(Picture is shown with paper towel in the loops. Final cake will not have that. :) - Sculpted Dinosaur

Sculpted Dinosaur

Sculpted from Cake
Can be decorated in a color scheme that matches your party! - Sheep in a Fence

Sheep in a Fence

A fluffy sheep caught in a fence
Canadian Toque optional. Or a birthday hat! - Pony Cake

Pony Cake

What little girl hasn't wanted a pony?
Can be masculine as well as feminine - Boob Cake - Boob Cake

Boob Cake

Mature Subject Matter
A buxom lingerie-clad chest...
... or bare! - Hockey Rink

Hockey Rink

Height dependent on number of servings needed - Baby Shower Cakes - Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes

Boys or Girls
Welcome the little ones to the world - Hockey Jersey - Hockey Jersey

Hockey Jersey

Replicate your favorite team's jersey in cake form.
Celebrate wins and losses alike
Shown: The Edmonton Oil Kings (New Logo)
Shown: The Pittsburgh Penguins - Beer Mug Cake

Beer Mug Cake

A big frothy mug of beer (cake). - Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

Space-themed Rocket Cake
Pictured with two Rocket "Smash" Cakes - Sex in the City Cake - Sex in the City Cake - Sex in the City Cake

Sex in the City Cake

Champagne and ribbon not included. :)
Pink & Red both look good! - Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos

A colorful Mexican-themed cake
Two, three, four tiers!
Who wouldn't want a grinning skull on their cake? - Princess Castle - Princess Castle

Princess Castle

Up to 11 Towers
Decorated with any colors you'd like
Disney or other Princess themes available
Boys versions available: Can be altered for a "true" medieval castle look or just plain fun - Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n' Roll

A little rock glam thrown into a fabulous custom cake! - Magician's Hat

Magician's Hat

A magician's top-hat with bunny ears and colored scarves coming out. Complete with Magic Wand! - Airplanes and Control Tower

Airplanes and Control Tower

The client provided the toys...
... we provided the airport! - Father & Son Fishing

Father & Son Fishing

A perfect Father's Day cake. - John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor

A playful John Deere tractor on an Oreo-crumb dirt patch. - Wipeout Canada

Wipeout Canada

We were commissioned to create this cake for a local Sherwood Park man who made it onto Wipeout Canada.
That's him in the Mud. - Almost Over the Hill

Almost Over the Hill

I'm sure we all know somebody who's almost there... why not give them a reminder?
The "speed limit" sign is the approaching age... - Baja Racing Cake

Baja Racing Cake

Graham-cracker sand and toys for you to keep! - iPod


A large Apple iPod with any of the apps that you want! - Ice-Skating Orc

Ice-Skating Orc

Every gamer wants cake! Why not an orc out enjoying the frozen water while his sword and shield sit on a nearby bench? - Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky

Can be covered in coconut (as shown) or decorated in a variety of buttercreme styles. - Star Trek - NCC 1701

Star Trek - NCC 1701

The Starship Enterprise
For that geek in your life - Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

Board comprised entirely of cupcakes - Camping Cake

Camping Cake

A covered tent with a coleman cooler filled with beer. A roaring fire toasts marshmallows. - Crocodile Cake

Crocodile Cake

A very large cake that feeds a large party. Graham cracker sand, and candies for the scales & claws. - The Greek Parthenon

The Greek Parthenon

Custom made - from scratch
Two-tiers of cake with cereal treat supports - Gigantic Golf Ball

Gigantic Golf Ball

Solid Cake - Bingo Board Cake - Bingo Board Cake

Bingo Board Cake

Great for birthdays -- the number on the bingo card can be whatever number you'd like!
Fully edible - including the birthday ball and daub dots!


Back To Top - Frozen-themed Cakes

Frozen-themed Cakes

Characters from the popular Disney movie, Frozen
Shown: Olaf the Snowman! - Paw Patrol - Paw Patrol - Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol cakes
Buttercreme or Fondant
Bone shown with toys provided by client
Doggy Bowl shown with Cereal Puffs (not real dog food!) - Tangled's Tower

Tangled's Tower

Not technically a "character" cake, but is Rapunzel's tower modeled after the movie Tangled - Star Wars - Star Wars - Star Wars

Star Wars

The infamous Star Wars bounty hunter
The lovable Wookie
The indomitable Darth Vader - Dinosaur Head

Dinosaur Head

Scaled-texture dinosaur head, sculpted from cereal treats
Shown with dinosaur egg cupcakes to round out the party - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Complete with lasso rope,
tiara, and stars - Lalaloopsy


Lalaloopsy with its adorable charm
Fondant Buttons complete the cake - Toy Story Theme Cake - Toy Story Theme Cake - Toy Story Theme Cake

Toy Story Theme Cake

Does you child have a favorite toy story character?
Bring them to life with a toy story theme cake.
Buzz & Woody shown! - Curious George

Curious George

Gotta love the monkey
Man in the Yellow Hat entirely optional - Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Shown with Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo
Pick any characters you would like! - Harley Davidson - Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Sharp Orange & White on Black Fondant
Stylized Flames & Cupcake Decals shown - Captain America Cake

Captain America Cake

The Marvel Super-soldier's shield
Perfect for the little (or big!) hero in your life.
Any super-serum filling from our Flavors menu! - Superman Revealed

Superman Revealed

Is there a Superman in your life?
Give them this cake to let them know you know their secret. - Batman Skyline

Batman Skyline

Batman's iconic logo beamed into the sky above the Gotham skyline.
Any superhero (Marvel, DC, etc. can be done!) - Spider-Man Skyline

Spider-Man Skyline

Spider-Man's recognizable masked face above a city skyline.
Any superhero (Marvel, DC, etc. can be done!) - Transformers Cake - Transformers Cake

Transformers Cake

Autobot / Decepticon
Pictured is a "bumblebee" themed cake - Monster High Cake

Monster High Cake

The Monster High logo with many themes available
Picture is of a "corset" cake, but other styles available - Sponge Bob Square Pants Cake

Sponge Bob Square Pants Cake

A model of Sponge Bob himself, all built by hand - Toopy and Binou Cupcake Cake

Toopy and Binou Cupcake Cake

Two lovable children's characters in an easy-to-share cupcake cake - Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

5 Tiers of *** Awesome ***
All five characters represented: Muno, Foofa, Plex, Brobee, Tootie
Make it 6 tiers with DJ Lance! - Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

Hand-crafted to any size you need
Other Disney characters available - Minnie Mouse Cake & Cupcakes

Minnie Mouse Cake & Cupcakes

Shown with 'mini cake' and cupcakes - Flamingo Cake

Flamingo Cake

Do you know somebody that's retiring soon? Or do they just like those plastic flamingos on their front lawn?
This is the cake for you! - Cars - Lightning McQueen Cupcake Cake

Cars - Lightning McQueen Cupcake Cake

Comprised entirely of cupcakes for easy division at parties.
Lightning McQueen from the movie "Cars" - Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

Dora & Map complete with Backpack! - Astroboy


Hand-carved from cake and decorated in yummy fondant -- Astroboy! - Ariel


Disney's Little Mermaid - Snowman


A buttercreme-covered snowman on a decorated snowfall board - Elmo


From Sesame Street, of course. - Carebear Cake

Carebear Cake

Cheer Bear Shown, but can do any other Care Bear

One Tier

Back To Top - Flowery Birthday Cake

Flowery Birthday Cake

What's better than a birthday surrounded by flowers?
(hint: it involves cake) - Pillowed Flowers

Pillowed Flowers

A delicate cake with a little bling
Can be any color, but pastels tend to work best - Unicorns & Rainbows

Unicorns & Rainbows

Buttercreme frosting
Fondant Rainbow & Unicorn - Monster Cake

Monster Cake

Any Monster!
Furry or not!
Pick your color!
And number of eyes! - Under the Sea - Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Sea coral, flowers, seashells
An "Under the sea" theme. - Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake

Decorated and filled with... Strawberries. - Dr. Who's Tardis

Dr. Who's Tardis

The Tardis
Floating in a nebula of blue, purple, and black
Dr Whoooo-hoo. Dr. Who. Dr. Whoooo-hoo. Dr. Who. - Owl Cake - Owl Cake

Owl Cake

A cute owl cake stating
WHOOOOO's birthday? - Frog Cake

Frog Cake

A cute frog on a lilypad-laden pond - Dinosaur


A cartoon dinosaur profile
Can be decorated in a color scheme that matches your party! - Uno Card Game

Uno Card Game

A sheet cake in the shape of your Uno card of choice - Colorful Package

Colorful Package

A sharp, colorful three-layered cake. Surprise your significant other! - Rosette Cake

Rosette Cake

Covered with beautiful buttercreme rosettes - Chainsaw Cake

Chainsaw Cake

Any of your favorite tools!!! - Oilers Cake

Oilers Cake

Any NHL Team Logos can be done - Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties

Any colors can be requested - L'il Rebel

L'il Rebel

Sky Blue fondant with a Black Ribbon - Farintosh, Alberta - 100 Years

Farintosh, Alberta - 100 Years

We were the supplier of 7 half-sheet cakes to the Farintosh parade. Congratulations to 100 years, Farintosh!
We provided 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla, and 3 carrot cakes. - Paisley Cake

Paisley Cake

Fondant Paisley Decorations
Can be any colors you desire. - Long Present Cake

Long Present Cake

Fondant Ribbons & Decorations
Longer than your regular cake -

"Old Fart"

For a little bit of down-and-dirty humor... - Purple Floral

Purple Floral

Purple with White Daisy Flower Box - Buttercreme Cloud

Buttercreme Cloud

All fluffy buttercreme icing - light and tasty - Housewarming Cake

Housewarming Cake

A fantastic cake for a housewarming party
Can be decorated with the house colors! - White Floral

White Floral

White with Buttercreme Flowers - Oval Cake (Buttercreme)

Oval Cake (Buttercreme)

Chocolate frosting with royal icing decorations - Oval Cake (Buttercreme)

Oval Cake (Buttercreme)

White basket weave with royal icing flower & bluebird decorations - Oval Cake (Fondant) - Oval Cake (Fondant)

Oval Cake (Fondant)

Fondant ribbons and oval decorations
Elegant or fun, depending on the colors chosen - Square Cake - Square Cake - Square Cake

Square Cake

Fondant Ribbons & Decorations

Multi Tier

Back To Top - Halloween Birthday

Halloween Birthday

A happy halloween & birthday cake
Complete with candy corn, fondant pumpkins, and a cereal treat witch's hat! - Super Mario Cake

Super Mario Cake

Mario, Luigi, Goombas, oh my! - Disney Princess

Disney Princess

One or more Disney princess plaques surrounded by tasteful decorations applicable to the princesses
(Beauty's Rose, Rapunzel's Hair Braids, Ariel's Comb or Seashells, Cinderella's slipper, etc.) - The Big Top - The Big Top

The Big Top

Any topper you'd like!
(Elephant is shown) - Christmas Tree with Presents

Christmas Tree with Presents

Waffle/Sugar Cone Christmas Tree
Decorated Presents underneath - Superhero Mega-Cake

Superhero Mega-Cake

Marvel, DC, Other...
All comic characters make good cake
Shown: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman - Frozen - Elsa Cake - Frozen - Elsa Cake

Frozen - Elsa Cake

Disney's breakout hit... Frozen
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, ... any character - The Flower Tower

The Flower Tower

Very eye-grabbing and colorful
First made for a sweet-sixteen party - Whimsical Cake

Whimsical Cake

Very fun and colorful -- dangling ball optional